White Water Rafting in CDO: Great White Water Tours

White-Water Rafting CDO
With 21 rapids, our white water rafting adventure was a gratifying experience. Although we drank the unsterile water after being pulled down to the bottom of the river, it was one of the most exciting adventures that I want to relive. Read More…
White Water Rafting - Brown

Tinuy-An Falls — The Little Niagara Falls of PH

Little Niagara Falls

Tinuy-An Falls First Level

Little Niagara Falls

Second and Third Levels of Tinuy-An Falls

┬áThe Philippines’ Most Beautiful and Widest Water Falls (95m in width)

Location: Bislig, Surigao Del Sur, Philippines

My impression: At a loss for words. Dazzled. The drive was a bit long (from Davao City to the location) but it was worth the ride.

Very Cute Baby

The cutest babyOur very cute baby… Bodhi…

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Human Dolphin in Davao City

Human Dolphin at Robinson’s Highlands…

Picobello Restorante Italiano



Italian pizza at Picobello Restorante Italiano

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Durian In Davao

Durian in Davao… Love it or hate it

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Coffee Break At Chicco Di Caffe

Coffee and Raven Cookie at Chicco Di Caffe

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